The Book

How to Format a Book in Word

how to format your book in word

How to Format a Book in Word will be published as:

  • A hard copy book
  • As a Kindle ebook, and
  • At Smashwords.

Why the published book?

  • Convenience – everything is together in one package
  • Example files – example files will be included that you can use to practice with
  • Free bonuses – to make your formatting easier, and get you to self-publish quicker (these will be confirmed later)
  • List of Resources – to help you in your self-publishing career
  • Ease of use – the book is available to you whenever you need it; there is no risk of being offline (i.e. this blog not being available)
  • Tested – with the time aspect of writing this blogged version meant that it was done fast; although this blogged version of the book is complete, there are small things that could have been missed – the published book will be tested and be 100% complete.

“This book is a goldmine for anyone trying to learn how to format their own books. It’s filled with step-by-step instructions, pictures, and a hyper-detailed process for designing professional looking books. Use it to save countless hours of frustration and hair-pulling.” – Derek Murphy, Creativeindie

“I was so pleased when Colin asked me to write the Foreword for this book, because it’s high time someone took you step-by-step through this process, to simplify something that might otherwise be unnecessarily overcomplicated. Now, you have in your hands something more than a book – it’s actually more like a course on formatting and designing your book.” – Penny C. Sansevieri, CEO and Founder, Author Marketing Experts, Inc., Adjunct Professor, NYU

Build a legacy, write your book.

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