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Introduction to formatting a book in Word

I’m looking for 3 testers to help me please


I have created Word templates for publishing hard copy books at CreateSpace, and would like to ask for 3 volunteer testers.

This is what I would need from you…

  1. I’ll send the template (Word) and user guide (PDF).
  2. You create a dummy book file and send that back to me.

After I’ve finalized the templates and the user guide, you’ll get:

  1. A copy of each Word template
  2. The user guide, and
  3. A guide on how to create a PDF file for uploading to CreateSpace.

If you’re up for a challenge, please contact me through my contact form, and I’ll get the files to you.


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Beta Readers Wanted for “How to Format Your Book in Word” (the book)


The book version of How to Format Your Book in Word is very near to being published, and I’m looking for beta readers.

My planned date for publishing is 30 October 2016.

If you’re interested in being a beta reader, please contact me using the email form here. DON’T POST HERE that you want to be a beta reader.

I’ll send you a PDF copy of the book, and a questionnaire.

Thank you and best regards.



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Format Book In Word – What Do You Need?

question mark


There is a slight delay in getting the post for Self-Publishing to CreateSpace, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to check in and hear if there’s something that you need with the formatting of your book in Word.

Something I’ve done in between publishing these posts is the updating of my site to be mobile-friendly ( If you haven’t heard, as from 21 April Google implemented their new algorithm to check mobile-friendliness of sites. According to Google they will rank mobile-friendly sites better than those not mobile-friendly. Is your site mobile-friendly?

Let me know in the comments if there’s something you need that hasn’t been covered in this blog.

Thank you for following, and reading these posts.


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Tell me what you need to format your book in Word

By Colin Dunbar

With your global settings done, lets take a look at what we’ve covered so far in formatting your book in Word…

Are you feeling good so far? There’s more to come, and soon you will be able to professionally format any book in Word, without the stress and aggravation.

Starting from the next post I will be covering things like tables, columns, graphic images, text boxes, etc. – the things that add to the “look” of your book, and can aid readability.

As it is my intention to cover everything you need to create a really professional book, I want to ask you if there is something that you want to know – if I’ve left it out in my outline, I will look into adding it.

What would you like to be able to do in Word when it comes to formatting your book?

Let me know in the comments below.


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By Colin Dunbar

You want to self-publish your book and you have MS Word. But you don’t have advanced experience with Word. You’re nervous as heck because you have no idea how to get your book to look professional; there’s just so many things that you need to know…

“I just can’t get the headers and footers right.”

“I can’t get my images to stay where I want them to.”

“Do I have to embed my fonts?”

“I want to add an index, but don’t know how to.”
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