I’m looking for 3 testers to help me please


I have created Word templates for publishing hard copy books at CreateSpace, and would like to ask for 3 volunteer testers.

This is what I would need from you…

  1. I’ll send the template (Word) and user guide (PDF).
  2. You create a dummy book file and send that back to me.

After I’ve finalized the templates and the user guide, you’ll get:

  1. A copy of each Word template
  2. The user guide, and
  3. A guide on how to create a PDF file for uploading to CreateSpace.

If you’re up for a challenge, please contact me through my contact form, and I’ll get the files to you.



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Beta Readers Wanted for “How to Format Your Book in Word” (the book)


The book version of How to Format Your Book in Word is very near to being published, and I’m looking for beta readers.

My planned date for publishing is 30 October 2016.

If you’re interested in being a beta reader, please contact me using the email form here. DON’T POST HERE that you want to be a beta reader.

I’ll send you a PDF copy of the book, and a questionnaire.

Thank you and best regards.



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Format Book in Word: Self-Publishing Your Book to CreateSpace

By Colin Dunbar

Formatting your PDF for CreateSpace

NOTE: All security should be removed from a file before you submit the file to CreateSpace.

It is very easy to create a PDF of your Word file – it’s matter of saving your Word file as a PDF. Before saving your Word file as a PDF, the fonts on the cover and the interior PDFs must be embedded before you upload your files to CreateSpace. This is to ensure your book is printed as intended.
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Format Book In Word – What Do You Need?

question mark


There is a slight delay in getting the post for Self-Publishing to CreateSpace, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to check in and hear if there’s something that you need with the formatting of your book in Word.

Something I’ve done in between publishing these posts is the updating of my site to be mobile-friendly (www.ColinDunbar.com). If you haven’t heard, as from 21 April Google implemented their new algorithm to check mobile-friendliness of sites. According to Google they will rank mobile-friendly sites better than those not mobile-friendly. Is your site mobile-friendly?

Let me know in the comments if there’s something you need that hasn’t been covered in this blog.

Thank you for following, and reading these posts.


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Format Book in Word: Publishing to Smashwords

By Colin Dunbar

Self-publishing your book to Smashwords is very easy. It takes a few minutes to fill in your details and upload your files. Your book is then immediately available in the Smashwords store. To have your book available at the retailers, Smashwords says: “We ship to most retailers seven days per week, and many receive multiple shipments daily. Once we ship your book to a retailer, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a week before it appears on their digital shelves.”
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Format a Book in Word: Self-Publish Your Kindle Ebook

By Colin Dunbar

Self-publishing a Kindle ebook is really easy. It takes a few minutes to fill in your details and upload your files. Then within 12 hours (English language books) your Kindle ebook is live in the Amazon Kindle Store. Easy-peasy.

Before you open the Kindle Digital Publishing (KDP) site, you should have the following readily available:

  • Your formatted Word file (see Kindle Formatting)
  • Book title and sub-title (if you have one)
  • Your cover image
  • Your book description (400 characters or less, including spaces)
  • Know the category for your book (or have a good idea)
  • Keywords (choose up to seven); two words count as one keyword, e.g. self publishing is considered one keyword.
  • Your financial information (for your royalty payments)

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Format a Book with Word: Why Self-Publishing Online Makes Sense

By Colin Dunbar


The first question an aspiring author asks: Should I go the traditional or self-publishing route?

This is a brief overview of the traditional publishing industry. In this area the world has changed drastically over the past 10 years or so. The Big 5 publishers are cautious to take a risk on an unknown author (as the saying goes, “it’s nothing personal, it’s just business” ☺). And publishing is big business. Going the traditional route means you need time (mostly a lot of time) to find an agent who is interested enough in your book, and then it’s time to find a publisher who is prepared take a risk on you and publish your book. This can take years.
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Format a Book with Word: Formatting for Smashwords #5

By Colin Dunbar

Special thanks to Mark Coker, CEO of Smashwords for his permission to use the material in this post.

Front Matter and Back Matter

The front matter for your Smashwords ebook is simpler than the front matter for hard copy books, but is nevertheless important.

The following from the Smashwords Style Guide: “Try to keep your front matter brief. Most retailers only make the first 5-10% of your book available as a free sample, so if your front matter is long, it might prevent readers from getting a free sample.”
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